7 Growth Hacks For Your Startup

Below are some amazing growth hacks to help you grow your startup like never before. Some will help you improve your product while others will help you increase your website traffic. Implement them today and let us know how they helped you reach that coveted spot!

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1. Submit Your Startup 🚀
2. HTTPS Your Site For Free
3. Use Automation Tools
4. Use a CRM
5. Build An Email List
6. Build A Community 💪
7. Build An Amazing Product

#1 – Submit Your Startup

If you haven’t submitted your startup to popular startup directories, then you’re missing out on a million possibilities. These sites can send you traffic, acquire you beta users, maybe even get featured on their home page, and hence, grow your startup at a much faster rate, provided that you have built something of value.

Few good places to begin with:

Hacker News by Y Combinator

#2 – HTTPS Your Site For Free

Https Let's Encrypt SSL On StartupQuotesDaily.com

We have ‘https’ in our url and yet we don’t spend a dime on it. You may be wondering how. If you are new to the startup space, then let us take this opportunity to tell you that there are more open-source tools than you will ever know. It may take you a lifetime to discover such tools and we are sharing them with you right away.

75+ Awesome Startup Tools & Resources

So, how did we get the ‘https’ at no cost?

Thanks to Let’s Encrypt free & open-source https certificate authority. Here’s the link to their official website. Just to let you know that, SiteGround (our web host) has a 1-click installation tool for installing the Let’s Encrypt certificate, which is a huge time saver since we run a lot of websites! And it auto-renews itself. Boy, we ❤ SiteGround.

#3 – Use Automation Tools

Do you manually post on Facebook, send a tweet via Twitter, upload pictures on Instagram and Pinterest every time you publish a new blog post? Here’s a tool which automates all of that – Buffer.

You can also use a service like IFTTT or Zapier to automate tasks between various applications you may be using. Be it Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, Asana, Salesforce CRM, or Instagram. There’s a zap for almost every task that is repetitive in nature.

So stop wasting your time doing those same things every single day. Your time is precious, use it wisely.

#4 – Use a CRM

Have you been running a website or mobile application and not using a CRM or a lead management tool? If you answered yes to the above question, then you seriously need to up your game.

All the startups that you love and look upto are using these tools. Not because we told them to, but because they really work.

A CRM gives you superpowers, but in simple English it can do the following for you.

Features of a CRM

  • Task management
  • Project management
  • Contact management
  • Sales automation
  • Marketing automation
  • Social media automation
  • Email marketing automation
  • Helpdesk and knowledgebase
  • Live chat
  • Reports & Analytics

We just listed the ‘features’ of a CRM above. The ‘benefits’ go way beyond this.

Benefits of a CRM

  • Automates mundane/repetitive tasks
  • Saves you tonnes of work hours
  • Insights on what is the most profitable
  • Lead scores and influencer insights
  • Product analytics
  • Sales reports
  • Gives you superpowers, like the ability to woo your audience by being ‘proactive’
  • Increases customer engagement (Try using a customer engagement tool like Intercom, HubSpot, or Drift to see what we are saying)
  • Last but not the least, increase profits (that was a no-brainer)

Some brilliant CRM softwares

(open-source CRM: it’s new but it’s power-packed with features)
Intercom ❤

There are more CRM softwares you may want to consider. To name a few, there is SugarCRM, PipeDrive, Close.io, Kissmetrics, and BaseCRM. Choose one based on your needs and the monthly budget you can afford.

But here’s the final take: start using one today itself.

#5 – Build An Email List

The best way to get more leads and increase engagement is to use email marketing. It helps you reach prospects, say free trial users for example, and convert them into lifelong customers.

Here’s how you should begin:

1. Build Your Email List

Create an excel sheet with proper segmentation and input all your contact data in there. Give each customer a unique id so that you can create references accordingly. If you use a CRM, then it will do that automatically for you.

2. Segment Your List

Split your list into new customers, existing customers, prospects, and reviewers. You can also go further by segmenting your prospects based on their location, age, industry, and interests.

If you are using a CRM and know the lead scores, then you will know whom you should be contacting first.

3. Define your goals

You need to know what you want to achieve out of the list(s) you just created. Clearly define your goals and chart out ways you can achieve them. Is it selling them new products, or simply nurturing prospects and building trust?

4. Content

Now, the most important part: the content.

Keep thing simple and try writing to your prospects as if you were writing to a friend. It works like a charm. Remember, you defeat the purpose of email marketing the moment you sound promotional. No one likes reading promotional emails.

#6 – Build A Community

Building a community around your product is a full-proof way of getting unlimited leads for a lifetime. Start a group on meetup.com or simply begin mini-meetups with your own team. Once things gain momentum, expand to full fledged startup meets or events.

 PRO Tip: Building a community takes time. It is often considered ‘hard’ to get people to attend meetups. But if you offer something of value, then they will surely come. 😊

#7 – Build An Amazing Product

While this may sound cliché, it is probably the best growth hack you will ever implement. It can grow your startup better than all of the marketing you will ever do. Period.

⚡ Power Quote: “Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” – Anthony Volodkin (Founder, HypeMachine)

So, how do you build one?

You will find lots of content over the internet on ‘how to build a good product’, but here are few ways to really get there.

a. Know what your customers really love about your product.

Most startup founders understand their product really well, but what they don’t understand fully is their customer. If you really want to understand what your customer loves about your product, then invite him/her over a cup of coffee and ask.

The next logical step would be to highlight the most beloved features (aka, benefits) on the front page of your website. This simple trick will lead to better conversion rates. That’s a promise.

b. How can you make your product better?

Ask this question to yourself and your team – how can we make our product better? How can we make it more useful? Is there something we should be doing? And is there something we should not be doing?

Ask the right questions to get the right answers.

c. Is my product the best among its category?

Be honest with yourself. Are you really the best? Is there nothing more you can do? Is your product the best version of what it can ever be?

Here are some products that will surely inspire you:

💕 WOW Factor: These are some of the best products ever built in the history of internet, and boy, the user experience they give?! They made us jump over our seats the first time we discovered them, literally.

Instagram ❤


We hope these were enough to light that spark in you.

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Your Favorite Hack

Which one is your favorite? Ours is #2 and #7. 😊

Do you know any more growth hacks that can catapult a startup to the finish line? Do you have a success story to tell? If yes, then share it in the comments section below!

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