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What is is a website which publishes HD quality startup quotes on a daily basis. You can freely use these images as desktop wallpapers and can also share them with your startup buddies. 🚀

Why did we build

We built this website with one goal in mind – to help you get super motivated. It is fascinating to know that the human mind can transcend limitations with the help of positive thoughts and messages.

Read why we built this website.

How do these quotes work?

These startup quotes when kept as wallpapers help you stay focused on your work and also help you reach your goals faster. We promise that once you download and keep a ‘StartupQuotesDaily’ image as your wallpaper, amazing things will start happening… (revealing more will spoil the experience 😁)

Try downloading a random quote and keep it as your desktop wallpaper right now.

How do I download the HD version of a startup quote wallpaper?

Simply open the web page for that image and click on the ‘Download HD Version’ button. To search for an image, use the search form here.

Why should I download the HD version of a startup quote wallpaper?

The HD version is of very high quality and it’s size is much larger than the preview image. Also, we fade the watermark to almost nil (five percent) so that it doesn’t distract your eyes from the content in the wallpaper.

Licensing of the Images

You can read the full license in detail here –

What you CAN do:

  • Use them as desktop wallpapers (personal and/or office use)
  • Share them with your friends
  • Share them on social media (kindly mention our username @StartupQuotesDaily)
  • Kindly give credit if and when you share it on any other website (see an example)
  • Keep coming back to download these awesome startup quotes 😛

What you CANNOT do:

  • Reclaim them as your own
  • Redistribute or sell them without our permission
  • Hotlink or embed our content on a website or blog
  • Use it in a product/service which is for sale
  • Use it in a product where it becomes the point of sale

If you have questions regarding the license, please drop us an email on

Can I print a startup quote wallpaper?

YES, you can print it and use it in your personal and/or office space. If you want high resolution images (with more DPI), we will be happy to assist you with the same. Kindly write to us on

How do I contact the support team?

1. Use the contact form
2. Send us an email on
3. Social – Facebook – TwitterInstagram

I’m interested in becoming a Partner.

That’s fantastic. Our partner benefits are suitable for co-working spaces, investors, VC firms, and companies catering to new businesses. To find out more information about how to become a partner, visit the partners page.

I want to promote a Startup Event.

Our readers include entrepreneurs, startup founders, UI/UX designers, and social media marketers. If you would like to reach them through our newsletter, kindly send us an email on with the details of your startup event. If we find synergies, we would even love to be a partner at your event.

I want to send a Beta Launch Email.

So you’re launching your new product. Happy to hear that. 😊

Simply send us a link to your beta page. In the same email, let us know what your product is about and why you’re building it. We will go through the same and let you know if our readers will find interest in trying out your product. If the test group finds it to be interesting, then we would love to send out a beta launch email to our community on your behalf. 🚀

Content License

You can read the full license in detail here –

This concerns the content on the website. All the content on the website, including but not limited to, text, images, audio, video, etc. is licensed as AC-NC-ND. The following pointers explain the license in detail:

a: Appropriate Credit (AC)

You must attribute or link back to our website when you borrow some content from our website. Not doing so will leave us no choice but to report your site in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA Act – external link ). So please be sure to mention © wherever applicable.

b: Non-Commercial Use Only (NC)

You may not use our content if your main focus is on ‘making money’ or ‘monetizing’ the content on your website or blog.

An exception here would be using the quotes on startup blogs and/or websites, as long as you use them ‘as is’ and give credit for the same.

c: No Derivatives (ND)

You may not remix or build upon the content, including but not limited to, the text, images, audio, video, etc., found on this website.

Example Credit:

This is some demo content you borrowed from our website. It can be practically anything. Do remember to mention the line below. We love it when someone credits us for our hard work.

Originally posted by © The URL can be found at

How can I edit my profile?

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Opting Out

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Last updated: 20th August, 2017.