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Last updated on 12th May, 2017.


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Website Visitors

Like most websites on the world wide web, we too collect non-personally-identifying information like which web browser has been used to access the website, the language it was accessed in, the location from which it was accessed, the date and time it of the visit, the pages visited, the referring website, and other such information. We collect such information to understand how our website is used and to make it better with time.

We may release non-personally-identifying information on our website to show or reflect the popularity of our website. Such posts will NEVER reveal any personally identifying information.

Few examples of non-personally identifying information:
– Web browser
– Preferred Language
– Location
– Date & Time of Visit
– Pages Visited

Personal Information Collection

You may have to share personally identifying information when you interact with some parts of our website. For example, contacting our support staff requires you to share an email address for us to contact you back, or subscribing to our newsletter to receive daily/weekly emails will require you to share an email address, or signing up on forums will require you to choose a username and share your email address. You can choose to not share such information, but it may then hinder the completion of the task at hand.

We NEVER rent or sell personally identifying information to anyone.

All the personal information you give us is disclosed only to StartupQuotesDaily’s employees and contractors. In the event of any judicial or law-enforcement agency investigation, we may have to reveal personally identifying information. But we will do so only after receiving a written request and/or warrant for the same.

Copyright Ownership

All type of content on the website, including but not limited to, text, images, audio, video, etc. is licensed as Appropriate-credit–Non-commercial–No-derivatives (AC-NC-ND). You can read more about the copyright ownership by following this link –

Copyright Infringement & DMCA Notices

Copyright infringement and DMCA notices are governed by the Copyright Policy. You can read the same by following this link:

User Comments, Feedback and Other Submissions

If you submit or post any content, including but not limited to posts, comments, ideas, suggestions, proposals, or plans, then you agree that we may, at any time, without restriction, edit, publish, distribute, or, translate such content. We are and shall be under no obligation to credit you for the same, or to pay you any compensation in any form. You agree that the content you submit or post will not violate the rights of any third party, including but not limited to, copyright, trademark, privacy, or a proprietary right. You agree to not use any one else’s email address other than your own, or pretend to be someone other than yourself, or try to mislead us or users of this website. When you submit any content, you take full responsibility for the same, and agree to hold us harmless of any loss and/or damage caused due to it.

Account Registration

Access to some parts of the website may require you to sign up or register. Such registrations may require you to fill out personally identifying information. We may monitor, edit, remove, approve, or disapprove any such registration, at our sole discretion.

Updating Your Account Information

You agree to keep your account information correct and up-to-date. You must note that some parts of your account can’t be changed after you have created an account. Those include only your email id and username. Rest of the information can be edited by logging into your account at any time. We may make changes to how this works, and your continued use would constitute an acceptance of those changes.

Displaying Your Information

The profile URL, name, and bio of an account will always remain public. An account user can choose to update any part of their profile except the email id and URL. We may make changes to how this works, and your continued use would constitute an acceptance of those changes.

Your Subscriptions

When you subscribe to our website, you give us the permission to send you information via email. Any content that is sent you in such a way still belongs to StartupQuotesDaily, and that all the terms and conditions contained in these legal documents shall apply to it. You can choose what kind of emails you would like to receive. Though, imperative emails relating to account security like “forgot email address” emails, or “forgot password” emails and important announcement emails will always be sent.

Opting Out

You can choose to opt out of subscriptions whenever you like. For unsubscribing from email notifications, kindly click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link in any of our emails. You can also log in to your account and make the necessary updates. If you face any issues in opting out, or have any questions regarding the same, kindly fill out the contact form here –, or send us an email on

Account Security

When you sign up for an account, you will be asked to choose a “strong” password. Choosing a strong password is mandatory. You are responsible for remembering your login details and keeping them safe. You agree to take complete responsibility for any unauthorized logins and the loss and/or damage caused to both, you and us, due to the same.

Removal of Private or Personally Identifying Information

If you are looking for help with getting your private and/or personal information removed, then you can either fill out this contact form –, or drop us an email on

Google Analytics & Other Tracking Technologies

We may implement website tracking technologies like Google Analytics on our website. Such tracking technologies give us information like device used, browser used, location, and pages viewed.


We make use of cookies. Such cookies help improve site functionality and user experience. For example, a cookie helps save user settings like language preference and location preference so that a user will be shown the same when he revisits the site, and won’t have to repeat the process of selecting them again. Some tracking technologies we implement also make use of cookies. Such cookies help us understand what website visitors like most on our website and what pages are most visited on our whole website.

Blocking Cookies

Most modern browsers allow users to refuse cookies. But you should note that blocking cookies may have an impact on the usability of our website.

Here’s how you can refuse cookies on the following browsers:

Internet Explorer –

Firefox –

Google Chrome –

Opera –

If you are using a different browser than the ones listed above, then kindly do a web search for getting information on how to disable and/or refuse cookies on that browser.

To Partners/Advertisers

We may provide partners or advertisers with aggregated non-personally identifying information, which means that we share nothing which shall compromise your privacy.

What we DO share

– aggregated traffic statistics
– total page views, average visit duration, etc.

What we DON’T share

– personally identifying information
– name, email id, birth date, contact number, etc.


We may make changes to this document at any time, at our sole discretion. Whenever we make changes, we will alert you about those changes via the website and/or by email. All such modifications shall take effect after 72 hours (3 days) once we alert you about it, unless we indicate otherwise. Your continued use of our website after those changes would mean your acceptance of the new Privacy Policy.

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